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information about Lost in White Space: Completely-done-for-you, designer-built, customer-optimized websites that help entrepreneurs & small businesses launch and scale their online businesses,without wasting their time

Websites that do more than display an 'online business card'

Establish credibility online, showcase your offer, and get more leads with a website that's designed help entrepreneurs & small businesses launch and scale their online businesses, without wasting their time

you're probably here because...

🖥 your website (or brand) is in need of a 'digital facelift'

⏰ your online business is taking up all your time and you want to get some back

📉 your current website just isn't converting your prospects into leads

🤬 you're stuck & frustrated with your DIY site

you may have even...
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tried to DIY it yourself but it isn't converting prospects into leads

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spent countless hours watching youtube tutorials 

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hired a website designer only to get a half complete website

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DIY-ed it but have no idea how to take advantage of the tools

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Powerful Web Design

Websites that are optimized to help you run your business.

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Brand Development

Develop your brand, refine your target market, & hone your brand's message.

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Custom Solutions

Custom websites designed to help you reach your business goals 

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Wix Education

Learn how to manage your staff, update classes, add new content, & more!

Completely code-free designer websites built on Wix. 

No code, no mess, no hassle. By excluding coding from the process, we're able to hone in on your customer journey and build an entire UX devoted to funnelling your customers where you want them to go so that your efforts are maximized. 

Fitness Studios & Instructors

Coaches & Service Providers

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Custom Designs & Solutions

Hi 👋🏻, I’m Jessica

I’ll be the first to admit that building a Wix website can be more complicated than those ads lead on.

But don’t worry, I’ve combed the back-end, scraped the support pages & forums, and learned how to “hack” the system, so that your website is built to help you run your business, with confidence.

Jessica was extremely helpful and patient. I am very happy with my website design and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get a polished, professional looking website for their business."


—Jem Crestanti, Owner of Enhance Home Styling

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Fully-optimized, completely done-for-you, Wix websites--

Optimize your workflows with a website that's ready to handle your business, so that you can spend your time scaling your business, without doing more work.