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 building obsession-worthy websites for female entrepreneurs 

YOU want a beautiful high-performing website

 Your business deserves more than a template 

You probably heard that building a website on Wix was easy  (and it can be). But, you value your time and don't want to waste it learning the in's and out's of a program when it can be spent on your strengths, to grow your business

 because you know the power of spending your time where it matters most. 

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Jessica Trumpour is a great balance between excellence and a friendly and relatable genius. She's just as excited as you are to get your site up and admired by the world. She's quick and has a great vision for your goals and offers solutions, which in my case was a must, since I'm always doing creative projects. I will always support her work! Check out the site she built for me, I adore it!

—Fran Marie, host of the francene marie radio show and Owner of Fran Marie Media


 brand strategy 

Who you are, what you do, & why you do what you do, defined & packed into a fresh visual guide

 web design 

Whether you're starting something new or looking to refresh, your business will feel boss AF


Your story, told in a way that captivate's, inspire's, & motivate's your audience to take action

 Your website must tell a story. 

Your website has to do some heavy lifting (it's the hub for all your marketing efforts, organic or paid)--and, that heavy lifting entails much more than an 'interactive business card'. As the digital hub for your business, your website should help you attract the right clients, build trust, provide valuable information, consider the customer's experience, convert, & nurture--and, it needs to do so without friction or confusion.



A personalized brand solution, based on your story; reflecting your company’s core values and unique aesthetic while increasing your brand authority & trustworthiness


 demi brand 


Establish emotional resonance with your audience. Tell your story, develop compelling 'brand characters', & craft an engaging narrative that keeps your audience wanting more



 website design 

A personalized template design customized with your businesses unique brand, including any Wix App add-on's (booking & payment, memberships, etc.) built right into your online platform.



 demi brand 

 + demi website 

Get the best of both this brand + web design package. You'll get a beginner brand to get you started, and a customized template of your choice infused with your brand's unique personality.



Tailored to your brand & business


Easy maintenance for small businesses


Optimized for mobile browsing 

 seo optimized 

Complete Wix SEO Wiz set up

 wix app install 

Add any Wix app and customize to brand


 Hi, I'm Jessica 

 📖  storyteller | ✍🏻  ARCHITECT | 🔮  visionary 

→ empowering women to become the architects of their lives

→ by finding clarity around their journey, skills, & purpose

→ and teaching them to tell their stories with confidence & charisma

I help thought leaders, intuitives, dreamers, and visionaries feel confident infusing their personality into their brand persona--without, attaching it to their identity; so that they can lead their business with charisma and confidence, while maintaining a personal identity all their own. 

Building a business is hard--and, today's business owner must wear many hatsfrom CEO to employee to the face of your brand. With so many different persona's easy to find yourself burnt out, overwhelmed, and unsure 🤷🏻‍♀️ which version of you is actually, you--I know, because, this was me.

I have a knack for building my identity around what I do (ie:, 'swim teacher', 'web designer', photographer', 'writer', 'art director', etc.) instead of, who I am--and you probably do too.

Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 10.45.39 AM_ma

Jessica and I connected immediately, and I just knew that she’d bring the passion along with the talent to my new website. She’s thoughtful, responsive, and her sense of design/style is just beautiful. She understands that a website is not merely to communicate information but to communicate the energy and ascetics of a brand. I highly recommend hiring Jessica to bring your brand to life!

—Keri Mangis, Author, Independent Publisher, and Owner of Curiousa Publishing

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the wild woman 
holistic package 

Everything you need to get online, now.


A guided one-on-one immersive vision-mapping, brand-building, storytelling holistic journey to the center of who you are, were, and are becoming: the foundation of your personal brand story, identity, image, & goals. This package includes everything you need to get your brand's vision, voice, visuals, & values all aligned--and, all clearly articulated to your audience through your personal voice & aesthetic, woven through your website & social platforms, so that you're primed and ready for your big launch (or re-launch)!