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Jessica Trumpour is a great balance between excellence and a friendly and relatable genius. She's just as excited as you are to get your site up and admired by the world. She's quick and has a great vision for your goals and offers solutions, which in my case was a must, since I'm always doing creative projects. I will always support her work! Check out the site she built for me, I adore it.

—FranMarie, Radio Host & owner of FranMarie Media

I would absolutely strongly recommend Jessica Trumpour to anybody who's seeking a beautiful, functional, intuitively designed website. She delivered a considerably better website than I expected and I am more than satisfied. This is particularly cool because my work and business are very unusual and she captured my message with rare insight. People get it and love the website and the way it is designed. Jessica was easy to work with as well. Beautiful work, reasonably priced, and certainly a bargain for the quality of work received.

—Richard Edelman, Owner of Living Arts Wisdom

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Jessica was extremely helpful and patient. I am very happy with my website design and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get a polished, professional looking website for their business."


—Jem Crestanti, Owner of Enhance Home Styling

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Jessica is nothing short of intrepid in her acumen as a web designer. Her intuitive and holistic approach hit a home run with what I was looking for spiritually and with gravitas for my book promotion site targeting publishers and literary agents. Aside from her artistic prowess, her business side is on point as well. Very good with timelines, deadlines, and hyper-responsive to the needs of the client when it comes to major and minor editorial changes--and, she gets them right! Nothing but a breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief working with this stellar woman. Thank you Jessica and your company Lost in White Space!!!

—Peter Quinn, Author

OMG! Jessica is the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G person to work with! Jessica is the person that will go above and beyond to do her best to make you happy! Thanks again, Jessica, for making helping make my dream come true! I wish that I could give you 1000 stars because you are so awesome!

—Tesha Mccoy, Owner of The Mixx Radio

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