• Jessica Trumpour

Wix Ascend; a small business owners best friend

Updated: Jun 22

Did you know back in 2018 Wix launched a CRM tool called, Ascend? Yup. And, it's pretty powerful marketing and CRM tool for small business owners (at least, in my opinion).

PR Newswire calls it, "a suite of 20 products that lets entrepreneurs start, manage and promote a business directly from the Wix web development platform."

So, what is Ascend?

In short, Ascend allows online business owners to easily connect with customers. It is a collection of apps that allow small businesses to manage their contacts, emails, invoices, quotes, newsletters, forms, social media content, workflows, tasks and reminders. TLDR: Easily manage your online business--all in one place.

Wix calls it:

Your Complete Marketing & Customer Management Suite
Get traffic, close deals and build customer loyalty with Ascend, a suite of business tools built into your site.

Why should I be using it?

Ascend is designed to help grow your business and save you time. Using Ascend's built in tools you can, automate responses, save quick replies, build loyal fans, and free up time to put back into living your life.

(Not to mention the results from sites using Ascend have been significant--among the most successful business sites on Wix):

  • Wix customers using Chat have 235% more site appointments, and 278% more repeat visitors

  • Wix customers who provide a Members Area, where their site visitors maintain profiles and purchase history, have 154% more repeat visitors

  • Wix customers who use Automations, a product that allows business owners to set up triggers to automate and manage interactions with customers, have 151% more site traffic

  • Wix customers using Email Marketing have 783% more site traffic

  • Wix customers who use Forms have 114% more submissions

List of Ascend features:

  • Inbox: Manage and respond to all your emails and chats from a single tool

  • Chat: Connect and talk with potential customers using live website chat.

  • Forms: Create custom forms, surveys and more for your website

  • Contact List: Wix CRM that can help you keep track of your leads and customers.

  • Members: Add a login user section to your website.

  • Price Quotes: Create price quotes that you can send to your customers.

  • Invoices: Create invoices for your customers and get paid through Wix.

  • Tasks & Reminders: Create tasks and Reminders for yourself and your team.

  • Automations: Set up triggers and responses that enable you to create connections between Wix Apps.

  • SEO Wiz: A set of tools to rank your Wix website on search engines.

  • Social Posts: Social media promotion tool.

  • Email Marketing: Create and send email campaigns to your customers.

  • Video Maker: Create promotional videos with just a few clicks!

  • Coupons: Create and share discounts to drive more sales.

So what can you do with Ascend?

Automated emails

Greet new members with a welcome email, thank customers for purchasing, send new subscribers a gift/freebie--and so much more.

Triggered automations

Simplify your workflow and save time. Save time with saved triggers like, get notified by email, send an email to a customer, create a task or move card in a workflow based on the status of an invoice (overdue, paid, sent), completion of a Wix form,

One inbox for consolidated communication

Your inbox contains all the ways your visitors engage with you. From chat, to email, to forms, to FB messenger--it's all there; one place for all your lead communication. Use your inbox to make sales, custom offerings, or simply answer questions in real-time. Keep custom hours and set auto-replies during off hours.


Keep track of your leads, send automated emails, and monitor project status'.

Map out the whole sales process in a workflow sheet and manage your sales funnel by sending targeted messages to specific customers or a response to specific actions. Workflows combined with an automated trigger can help improve the user’s experience on your site--and their likelihood of converting.

Other important information:

Ascend is not included in your Wix website subscription, therefore in order to use the premium features, you will need to upgrade Ascend separately. The good news though is that you can do a lot with the free features of Ascend without needing to pay extra.