• Jessica Trumpour

Great websites tell great stories

Your website sits right at the heart of your business and is inherently linked to business growth. It should inform every single action your business takes, from the inside out.

Written by Lost in White Space

Good web design makes a business profitable

Sites we love inspire us and move us to action, They make smart, bold moves that impress customers, push out competitors, and—at times—define entirely new markets.

Creating a website for your business does not simply generate business. You need a strong strategy, a beautifully crafted brand story, and powerful automation CRM system to turn a pretty storefront into a profit driving powerhouse.

Today, your website is the "storefront" to your business—

Remember when businesses used to operate primarily out of brick-and-mortar? Do you know how expensive it is to own and operate a brick and mortar business? In today's world, we have the ability to build a business, from the luxury of our homes.

Website builders (like Wix) make owning and operating a business affordable for entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs all over the world—seriously, I'm talking cheap, you can get a website on Fiverr for around $20 (I'm not even kidding, you can check it out here).

Forward thinking businesses put an emphasis on providing their customers with an exceptional experience. They keep customer experience in the forefront of their decisions, and, they, understand that their website is the crux between their business goals + customer experience and generating revenue.

Strong Strategy

If your website is your storefront, well then, you need a sales associate. And just how do you do that when your website is "open" 24/7? There just isn't enough you to go around! You need a strong strategy to establish a funnel that will help your users accomplish their goals while helping you meet yours.

Successful businesses understand this is where their business goals intersect with customer experience. They know that in order to drive visitors to transform into paying customers they must cultivate an online experience that is personable, professional, trustworthy, and most important of all, easy to use.

Beautifully Crafted Brand Story

Powerful brands have powerful holistic approach to design. They focus on integrating brand identity and story into the medium they are utilizing. Brand story isn't just a bunch of colors and fonts. It isn't just the words on your page. It isn't even your story.

Brand story is why you do, what you do. It tells visitors who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why your business exists. And, uses it's own unique brand voice to tell a story that captivates and engages your audience.

Powerful CRM

Businesses thrive on incoming leads. Leads turn into paying clients who turn loyal fans who turn into repeat customers and referrals--or that's the hope away. Powerful CRM's help businesses and entrepreneurs manage leads. And the best ones automate.

We've lived in the information age for so long, it's easy to forget how magical the internet is! When your website is beautifully crafted, well-managed, and is designed to help you do business, people can rely on you. Strong cohesive visuals build trust; and when visitors trust you, they want to buy.

What Is your website saying about your business?

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