Fully custom websites 

 for small businesses 

Get a fully custom website built on Wix with your brand, your vision, and your business goals in mind.

The key difference between static and dynamic design is movement. Dynamic design incorporates animation into the design (just like on this site) to bring a visitors attention to key parts of a site. This not only makes the site more visually interesting, it can serve to direct focus toward sales and important information.


User-centered design puts the user's needs first making the user-experience a positive one.  It identifies: who will use the site, what will they use it for, and under what condition will they use it?


Basic branding includes the development of your authentic story through the consistent use of colors, fonts, and imagery. Visual consistency across your website can make or break potential business. Sites that lack a cohesive look and feel can appear untrustworthy and risk losing sales which means less profit.


Web flow strategy takes into consideration your needs and goals and asks questions like: What do you want a potential customer to do when they arrive at your website? What are your goals for your website? 


Integrations can range from adding third-party add on's that allow for booking, scheduling, and/or payment to setting up email automations and email campaigns. 


An autoresponder is an email that goes out when a visitor fills out a form, this can be used to grow your subscribers, creating a base of people you can promote sales and special offers to. Often in exchange for an email address, businesses will offer a coupon, a free e-book, or another offer that resonates with their target market.


Your online store includes up to 10 products, additional products can be added for an additional cost.


Backend SEO includes optimizing your SEO in the "background", it isn't what a visitor sees, but it's what Google and other search engines see. 


On-page SEO includes setting up your visible website for Google and other search engines while maintaining your brands aesthetic throughout.




The Process

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