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Who is Lost in White Space for?

Lost in White Space is for business that are looking to take their online presence to the next level. You’re looking to invest into a fully branded image and improve your web strategy. Investing in your business shows you care, it shows you have dedicated the effort into ensuring that your business stands out, it shows that you take your business seriously and others should too.

This is my first time building a website, will you walk me through the process?

Of course! If you want to read about how it all works check out this page. Otherwise, when we get on a consultation call I will walk you through my process and how it all works; everything from payment to the design process.

I run a small/medium sized business and want an online presence to promote my business in a professional manner, what do I need?

You need a professionally designed website that includes a well structured we strategy and a full brand image.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization—this refers to how sites like Google and Bing categorize and understand information. Search engines need keywords to connect you to the right audience.

Do I need it?

Good SEO can help you get found, organically, and can help your target audience find you. And, if your audience is local SEO is even more important.

Will my site appear first on Google?

No. This takes time. And in today’s world you’re probably competing with big businesses who are spending millions of dollars in advertising for the front page of Google. Good SEO isn’t a one and done project, it’s a long term plan aimed at cornering your market share. Adding on-page keywords and meta tags is just the foundation for your SEO plan. Want to learn more? Check out this page.

Can you revise or finish my current website?

Absolutely! If you’ve started a site and found yourself overwhelmed, confused, or just plain out of time—let’s talk. Building a website can be frustrating, especially if you’re still building your business. And a website with only half a design can result in lost revenue.

I dont see examples from my industry, can I still work with you?

I work with people in all industries! A lot of web designers specialize in one niche or another but all websites require the same set of skills: understanding where a business is and where they want to go and then organizing that information into simple digestible pieces. 

Im not local, can you still build my site?

Yes! I work with people all over the world! I am in Hawaii (HST) and work with clients as close as California as distant as New York and as far away as Australia. 

How do I choose a web designer?

Look through their site!

Do the links work on their own site? Or are they broken?
What about the imagery used? Is it professional, in focus, compelling, and cohesive?
Does their website look original? Or like a template?
Can you view their website portfolio or client list?

Do you outsource your work?

No. I do 100% of my projects, I don’t have a team, just knowledge. I’ve spent years learning everything from design and marketing to psychology and color theory to copywriting and everything in between.

How long will it take to complete the site?

Sites range anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month. This can depend on how large the site it, the readiness of your content, quickness of communication, and the number of other projects I am working on at the time.

How many revisions do I get?

Two. Every site gets two major revisions, if you want/need more there is a fee ranging between $45 to $200 depending on the scale of revisions


How does payment work?

I take payment through Stripe. Your payment info is not stored. All projects require a 75% deposit in order to reserve the time needed to work on your project and the final 25% prior to launch of the live site.

Do you do payment plans?

No. I do not offer payment plans. 

Are there any recurring costs?

Yes. But not through me (unless you’ve signed up for a retainer). In order to host your site on Wix (ad free) you’ll need to purchase one of their plans. They offer a few different options and if you need help determining the best option for you, let me know. Additionally, your domain will need to be renewed every year. 

What forms of payment do you take?

I use Stripe to take payment. Stripe takes credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

Im on a strict budget, do you have any low budget options?

Yes. Wix offers two versions of their editor, a blank template free form designer and a version that includes stylized blocks that can be arranged to create a semi-unique look. Your site will still be “custom built” but using pre-templated blocks. I only offer a few of these a year, if you are interested, please fill out the form here.

 before beginning a project

What is a domain?

A domain is that thing that’s sandwiched between the www. and the .com. For example, this website is Your domain is how Google indexes your site and how your potential clients will find you.

How can I purchase one?

You can purchase directly through Wix or GoDaddy. There are other platforms out there but these are simple and easy for your Wix based website. They all offer the same pool of names, so if it isn’t available on one, it isn’t available period.

Do I need my content prepared before beginning the project?

You need 80% of your content ready to be put into the site. This includes: photos, copy, and videos. You can update content as we move along but I need the majority of your content to understand what direction to head in, in terms of design. 

In what format should I send copy and photos?

Google drive. I will not accept any other form of content. This keeps us both organized and content all in one space.


Are your websites templates or custom-built?

Every website is 100% custom built. No templates are used

How much input do I have in the design process?

As much as you want! I believe in collaboration and that the best designs always come as a result of positive collaborating. I will provide input and guide you through the process. There are proven techniques that work and I will present you with information to support design choices or recommendations against design choices, but in the end it is your site, your business, your brand. I want you to leave with the vision that you have for yourself, I am simply the translator of your ideas into visual design.

How many pages can I have?

As many as you’d like, the more the better from a search engines point of view. Keep in mind, more pages mean more design and more time. More pages will affect the total design cost.

Will the site be mobile optimized?

Yes. This is my favorite part about Wix. While sites like Squarespace and Shopify resize the site to mobile devices, Wix gives you complete control over what gets displayed and how it gets displayed. Your mobile site might have the same elements of your desktop site but look entirely visually different. Mobile users interact differently with websites meaning a mobile site shouldn’t just be a mini version of the desktop site. I design with mobile in mind, which means that your site will be aesthetically pleasing no matter where your client sees your site.

Keep in mind, your mobile version is not the same as a tablet. Wix sites are compatible for viewing on iPads and tablets. On Android tablets, visitors see the mobile-friendly version of your site. On iPads, visitors see the desktop version of your site. 

 after the design is done 

Who owns the site once its built?

You do. The site is 100% yours. I retain no ownership of the site.

Will I be able to update the site once its done?

Yes. You are free to make changes to design as much as you’d like. To keep things looking cohesive and fully branded I recommend sticking to the same color palette and fonts. If it doesn’t already exist in your design, don’t add it. My personal recommendation is that if you’re looking to change up styles or design elements, hire a designer. If you’re looking to add or adjust copy, edit away.

Will everyone see my site the same?

No. Different sites display differently on different browsers and depending on the window size your site may load differently. This is normal for the internet. Wix sites are compatible for viewing on iPads and tablets. On Android tablets, visitors see the mobile-friendly version of your site. On iPads, visitors see the desktop version of your site. 

What if my site displays incorrectly?

If your site is displaying incorrectly, links are broken, or incorrectly linked up to 1 month after the completion date, email me. I will fix anything for you that was in the original design free of charge. If you have made edits to the site and the design is “off” as a result there is an hourly fee of $50/hour with a minimum of 2 hours of work.

Will you handle content updates?

Yes. If you need your site updated regularly and want someone to maintain it for you or handle tech support, I offer a few monthly retainer options, here.

What is included in a content update?

Any alterations to the design, copy, colors, fonts, page linking, email automations or campaigns. SEO is not included.

What is the response time?

Typically right away but up to 24 hours depending on our time difference.

 additional services 

Can you make me a logo?

No. Although I do have a background in graphic design, it doesn’t make me a logo designer. 

Can you help me with online marketing?

No. I do not run ads, I do not watch analytics, I do not run social media. I can help you integrate Google Analytics, Pixel, and social media into your website but I will not track or analyze the data.

Can you help me with social media?

I can help you optimize your social media experience by offering optimal solutions to getting the best out of your social platforms. I can help you set up and organize the information on your social platforms. But I will not run your social media accounts, write captions, or post photos. Although platforms like Facebook and Instagram have their own built in user experience, you can leverage the tools at hand to create a user experience unique to your brand.

Will you edit my photos?

No. I am a photographer, I do know how to use these programs. But I will not edit your photos, blur any content, or add anything to your images.

Will you re-write my copy?

Yes. For an additional fee, I can re-write you’d copy to shape your brands unique voice, strengthen your calls to action to help you drive home sales, and improve the flow of your writing, learn more about that here.

Do you integrate third party apps?

Yes. As long as they integrate into Wix without coding. I am a designer, not a developer. Developers code, designers do not.

 wix related questions 

Why WIx? Why not Squarespace or Wordpress?

Wix provides the most flexibility in design and has a much easier to navigate backend, meaning you can maintain the site on your own once complete. Squarespace is often confusing for clients and offers little to no customization. Wordpress on the other hand is extremely complicated and often requires a developer to be in hand to fix technical problems or make design updates. Unless your site is robust and requires coding then Wix will suit your needs. Wix offered everything: blogging, e-commerce, scheduling and booking, restaurant to-go orders, and much, much more.

Cant I just do it on my own?

You absolutely can. But building a website isn’t just slapping up information online and expecting the money to start rolling in. A website is the first step in building your online presence—and generally someone’s first impression. Your website is your new storefront, don’t treat it like a yellow pages ad. Sites should be easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to look at. This means a well thought out web strategy that focuses on your visitors need and behaviors while incorporating your business goals and strategy and looks and feels cohesive.

What does Wix cost?

The wix payment plans can be found here. They range from $13 to $50 monthly, most businesses simply need the Business Basic Plan for $23 in order to accept payment.

Can I have my own mailbox on Wix?

Yes, read about that here.

What about email campaigns?

Yes. You can incorporate email campaignsnewsletters, auto responders, and much more. 

Does Wix do e-commerce?

Yes. You can sell physical goods or downloads. Wix accepts payments through Stripe and PayPal. 

What about blogs?


Does Wix have membership options?

Yes. Whether you're running an online gym, yoga studio, or coaching classes, Wix offers recurring memberships where you can provide content behind a paywall, only paying members will receive access.




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