Connect with customers, sell your courses, host zoom classes and appointments, take advantage of automated emails, lead funnel management, marketing emails, and more--all in one, easy to use platform.

An online business not just a website

 Stop working so hard to run your business and let your website run your business for you 

You need a platform that can help you manage your business and save more time. CoachSpace sites are designed to help coaches grow their online businesses with all the tools you'll need to grow and keep growing--without all the hassle.

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CoachSpace sites are literally designed to help coaches like you run their business online

  • Easy-to-use booking platform for classes, workshops, and more

  • Display all your offerings in one place with a custom designed website

  • Online class hosting with Zoom--reach clients anywhere

  • Manage your calendars, schedule, and clients

  • Create, build, and offer e-courses, workshops, and events

  • Automate your workload with automated emails & follow-ups, intake forms, and more

  • Track your overall performance with access to analytics

  • Run your business from any device with the Wix Owner app


Book Clients

Make it easy for clients to view your schedule and book sessions online.


Build Relationships

Strengthen relationships with automated emails, newsletters, and more.


Sell Programs

Grow your revenue with  workshops, events, online courses, and more.


Get Paid

Let clients pay online and  manage all transactions and finances from one dashboard. 


Jessica Trumpour is a great balance between excellence and a friendly and relatable genius. She's just as excited as you are to get your site up and admired by the world. She's quick and has a great vision for your goals and offers solutions, which in my case was a must, since I'm always doing creative projects. I will always support her work! Check out the site she built for me, I adore it!

- Fran Marie, radio host & owner of FranMarie Media

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Manage your business from one dashboard

Manage your calendar, track your payments, write & share blogs and create online programs. Plus, get access to tools like customer management, marketing & SEO, and analytics & reports.

booking & scheduling

Connect your Google Calendar and let clients book right from your availability, less hassle, more control, more flexibility.

online programs

Inspire, motivate, and engage your online community with an online program, members only benefits, and more.

customer management

Capture & convert leads and streamline your workflow with a complete CRM solution built right into your site.

marketing & SEO

Custom marketing emails, automated responses. Plus, access to a complete suite of SEO tools from Wix

Run your business from anywhere with the Wix Owner App

  • Manage classes and calendar

  • Accept bookings and payments

  • Check-in clients 

  • Sell, track & manage inventory

  • Manage client relationships

  • Manage staff schedule

  • View performance analytics

  • Build and send email marketing campaigns 

  • Instantly reply to messages from site visitors

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Run Your Coaching Sessions Online with Zoom

Integrated right into your website platform. A unique Zoom link is automatically generated for each session and included in an automatic confirmation email and email reminders--it's really that easy.

Save Time & Energy With Automated Emails

Let your website do some of the heavy lifting with a built in CRM equipped to handle all of your marketing needs. Build funnels, land sales, and get higher engagement with automated responses, actions, and more.

Host Events & Run Workshops

Expand your revenue and offer your clients more value with online events & workshops. Sell Tickets, take payment, collect RSVP's, promote your event and grow your community.

Need this?

The all-in-one solution for fitness businesses--like yours--to grow their brand, land sales, manage customer relationships, promote their business, & drive growth, online.

The all-in-one solution for fitness businesses--like yours--to grow their brand, land sales, manage customer relationships, promote their business, & drive growth, online.

Make it easy for clients to pay online and upfront, with a designed-for-you website built to handle real-time inquiries with ease. You'll be able to save time with custom saved replies, automated emails, push notifications, and more

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Easily collect and manage client information like, waivers, policy forms, and emergency information. Plus easily access the info you need, when you need it.

Collect Client Info, Waivers, Forms & More

Grow your email list with a lead capture form, deliver more value with automated responses, and get access to marketing tools like targeted emails, analytics, and more.

Build, Manage & Grow Mailing Lists

Manage Your Schedule, Offerings, and Clients

Connect to your personal Google Calendar and let clients book straight from your calendar, update classes, pricing, offerings, and more straight from your desktop or mobile

Run Your Business On-The-Go

Go mobile with the Wix Owner App and run your business from anywhere. Write & share blogs, send marketing emails, track performance, and more.

Dedicated Client Facing App

Give your clients amazing benefits like member's only groups, community forums & chats, e-programs, and more with a dedicated a customizable mobile app.

You can fit your website, or your website can fit you.

Whether you're a life coach, business coach, teacher, or speaker CoachSpace sites are built to help you take your coaching business, online with less hassle.


You'll get online scheduling, streamlined inboxes, automatic email confirmation & reminders, online booking & payment, and a customized website.

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Mobile Optimized

Did you know that 61% of people Google from their mobile devices? 

5 Color Palette

Color is more than just a visual aid, color conveys emotions, feelings and creates experiences.

Custom Font Selections

Good typography establishes a strong visual hierarchy, balances design, and sets the tone

Wix Training Vidoes

Learn to manage, edit, and update your site with a dedicated 2 hours of Wix training videos

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Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 7.28.40 AM_mac
Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 8.06.25 AM_mac

I would absolutely strongly recommend Jessica Trumpour to anybody who's seeking a beautiful, functional, intuitively designed website. She delivered a considerably better website than I expected and I am more than satisfied. This is particularly cool because my work and business are very unusual and she captured my message with rare insight. People get it and love the website and the way it is designed. Jessica was easy to work with as well. Beautiful work, reasonably priced, and certainly a bargain for the quality of work received.

—Richard Edelman, Relational Artist, Owner of Living Arts Wisdom

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Everything you need to turn your brick-and-mortar success into an online victory.

Your website is more than just a booking platform it's the central hub of your entire online business--it's the foundation for your customer's entire experience. You need an expert to translate your business, brand goals and objectives, and vision into a clear and easy-to-navigate customer journey.