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Web designer by trade, business owner by day, & recreational pole dancer by night. 

Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m an autodidact with more tabs open on my laptop than fingers on my hands, a love for avocado that’s only rivaled by my affection for chocolate, and a passion for helping entrepreneurs turn their side hustle into an online business.

why WiX?

I love Wix because it is built for businesses to grow with amazing built in tools to help you manage your leads, build & maintain relationships, promote your services and so much more. But, I’ll be the first to admit that building a Wix website can be more complicated than those ads lead on.


I value an intuitive and well-thought-out customer experience and wanted that to be demonstrated throughout my own business and brand. Which is why, I combed the back-end, scraped the support pages & forums, and learned how to “hack” the system, so that I could turn my website into an online experience--and share that with you.


Plus, check out these successful WiX users


where you can find me

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the TL;DR

I'm a "jill-of-all-trades", self-taught, entrepreneur.

  • My uncle, Dennis Ashbaugh, noticed my inclination toward design at a young age and encouraged my parents to nurture my love for creation.

  • I studied design, photography, and marketing.

  • I taught for over ten years where I honed my coaching, sales, and interpersonal skills.

  • Grew a single location to over 30 across the western United States, by writing training programs that would help systemize the process and make the team more efficient.

  • Trained new employees and upcoming management during expansion

  • Supported bottom performing employees by turning them to top performing employees.

  • Worked with KMP Labs where I gained experience in experiential marketing, working with high level companies like Uber, Addidas, and Essential before venturing out on my own.

  • Created a mixed/augmented reality game that went viral within its community

  • Owned a boudoir photography studio

  • Ran a publication on Medium (and written for several more)

  • Ran a small swim instructor business.