Website in a Day

Every great business deserves a great website, and the process should be quick, inexpensive, and easy.

As a small business owner your pressed for time and watching cash flow--all while juggling a to-do list a mile long. Save tons of time, money, and effort and get a professional website built in a day.  

High-impact, customized websites, done in a day.

  • Look & feel professional with a custom mini-brand designed just for you

  • Copywriting worksheets designed to help you get clear on your website content

  • Easily manage and make changes to your website with personalized tutorial videos and an easy to update design built on Wix.

Sample small business website designed by Lost in White Space

Need a website, & need it done, like, yesterday?

Transform one of Wix's templates into your personal brand, including adding your colors, fonts, images, content, and more. Get a great website (in a day), without having to wait weeks or months.

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Does thinking about your website make you feel overwhelmed?

✓ The thought of doing it all yourself prevents you from doing it

✓ You don't know what SEO, above the fold, or lead magnets are

✓ You aren't sure if you should use Wix, Squarespace, or Wordpress

✓  Learning a platform, writing your website copy, finding photos, just plain learning all things web design, sounds like a chore.


Are you on a tight budget & need a quick turnaround?

✓ Affordable website design for small businesses

✓ Systemized process getting you online, quickly

✓ Designed in one day

✓ Customized to your business needs

✓ Sound professional with copywriting worksheets 

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Do you want a website that feels professional, gets you found on Google, and is easy to update?

✓ Customized 5-page website

✓ Custom mini brand 

✓ Code-free, easy-to-update design 

✓ Get found on Google with Wix SEO Wizard setup

✓ Personalized video tutorials

✓ Access to tools like blogs, email marketing, analytics & more

Sample childcare website designed by Lost in White Space

Website in a Day

  • Customized Wix website

  • Copywriting worksheets

  • Search engine optimized

  • Mobile optimized

  • Typography based logo

  • Brand typography & color palette

  • Video tutorials

  • Email support

I would absolutely strongly recommend Jessica Trumpour to anybody who's seeking a beautiful, functional, intuitively designed website. She delivered a considerably better website than I expected and I am more than satisfied. This is particularly cool because my work and business are very unusual and she captured my message with rare insight. People get it and love the website and the way it is designed. Jessica was easy to work with as well. Beautiful work, reasonably priced, and certainly a bargain for the quality of work received.

—Richard Edelman

What others have said,
Lost in White Space owner, Jessica and her son
Hi, I'm Jessica

As a new mom with a small business, I understand what it is to have a big vision while being pressed for time and a small budget. I know how valuable time is. 

I believe small businesses can greatly benefit from a professional website. That's why I created Lost in White Space, to create professional, affordable, and quick websites for small businesses owners, independent operators, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, non-profits, and organizations.

Here's How it Works

You tell me about your business, I'll pick a pre-configured framework from Wix's inventory, and then I will customize it to your brand guide—in one day.

Discovery Call

Book a 15-minute discovery call so we can have a chat to discuss what you need and find out if your project is a fit for Website in a Day.


You’ll have at least 10 days to articulate your brand, write your website text, create a mood board, with a step-by-step process to take make it easy.

Kick-Off Call

We'll get on a 30-minute Zoom video meeting to create a game plan for your website and ensure we are aligned on your priorities and needs for your site.

Design Day

We'll start off the day with your brand, move onto design, and meet back together to make any last changes to the site, before you have your very own website for your small business.

Wondering what's actually possible for your website, in a single day?

  • Link to your course or shop platform

  • Add your Instagram feed

  • Rearrange page elements

  • Change the menu layout

  • Embed a form from your CRM

  • Create a pop-up or cookie banner

  • Add an email sign-up form

  • Add or remove sections & pages

Sample yoga website designed by Lost in White Space
Sample pole dance website designed by Lost in White Space

What happens to businesses with unprofessional websites?

  • Confused customers

  • You don’t show up on Google

  • Nobody buys anything

  • Your brand suffers

  • The business looks bad

What are the benefits of using Wix?

  • Easy to use, manage, and update

  • Offer your services and deliver a seamless booking experience for your clients.

  • Convert and scale seamlessly with built-in marketing and business solutions.

  • Capture leads, get reports and insights, automate your business, and more from desktop or on the go from your phone with the Wix Owner app.

Sample fitness website designed by Lost in White Space

Website in a day is for you if:

  • You are not a perfectionist

  • You believe ‘done is better than perfect’

  • You are a fast decision maker

  • You are an action taker

  • You appreciate an efficient process

  • You enjoy delegating to an expert

  • You are motivated to launch your site and want someone to take care of all the details

Website in a day is NOT for you if:

  • You are a extremely detail-oriented

  • You want a highly-collaborative process

  • You need to deliberate over decisions

  • You are uncomfortable with technology

  • You don’t like utilizing a process

  • You want an art project, not a website

  • You need something highly customized (custom solutions available)

What's included in your website in a day?

  •  KICK-OFF STRATEGY CALL  - 30-minute video meeting to create a game plan for your website to make sure we are on the same page about your priorities and needs for your site.

  •  GET SEEN BY GOOGLE  - Search engine-optimized website page titles, meta descriptions, and image ALT text based on your industry

  •  NO-STRESS WEBSITE  - A beautiful Wix website (up to 5 pages) that is user-friendly, easy-to maintain and comes with a professional designer's touch.

  •  CUSTOM FONTS + GRAPHICS  - Custom fonts, graphics or stock photos are included with your package (up to $50).

  •  PERSONALIZED TRAINING VIDEOS  - Get personalized instruction on how to maintain your website, plus complete user documentation for your template.

  •  1-WEEK WEBSITE SUPPORT  - 7 days of email support after your scheduled design day to help you tackle any final details before you launch.

What's does the day of your Website in a day look like?

9:00 am
  • I will log you into a Zoom video conference.

  • I will ask you for your content and photos if you haven't supplied them already.

  • You will select your mini brand from three font & palette options

10:00 am
  • Following the brief, I will take some time to prepare and organize your content before beginning work on your project.

  • You're invited back at 4:00 pm.

10:30 am
  • While you're away, I will get to work and create your website. I will tackle everything from the design, to the SEO, to everything on the back-end.

3:00 pm
  • I will tend to sweat a little, have a mild panic and then straighten myself up so that I look professional when you arrive back at 4:00 pm.

4:00 pm
  • I will present your website and make some immediate changes on the fly.

  • Website in a ½ Day presentation takes place @ 2:00pm

5:30 pm
  • Once the training is finished you'll have the option to go live. Though most people like to sit on their website overnight and rework content in and around their new design.

Website in ½ a Day


✓ Customized 3-page Wix website

✓ Done in five hours

✓ Copywriting worksheets

✓ Get found on google with basic SEO 

✓ Mini brand guide

✓ Typography based logo

✓ Five personalized video tutorials

✓ Seven days of email support

Website in a Day


✓ Customized 5-page Wix website

✓ Done in eight hours

✓ Copywriting worksheets

✓ Get found on google with basic SEO 

✓ Mini brand guide

✓ Typography based logo

✓ Five personalized video tutorials

✓ Seven days of email support


What is Wix?

Wix is a free, user-friendly, website building platform for personal and business use. Wix has a suite of products that can be integrated right into any Wix website, making running your online business a breeze.

Do I need to pay for Wix?

In order to connect a domain, you will need to create a Wix account and purchase a hosting subscription through Wix. This includes your hosting cost + a free domain (depending on the hosting package). Wix hosting packages starts at $16-$60/mo. (depending on if you want to have take payment.) These packages can not be built on Squarespace, Showit, Weebly or other platforms.

What do you need from me?

Before we can get started with your website, I'll need some information from you to be sure you get the most from your experience: 1. If you have browsed the Wix templates, the name of the template you are most interested in (if you don't have one, we can look during the kick-off call) 2. If you have them, your existing brand assets (colors, images, logo and design preferences) 3. Your website content based on the template design 4. A wishlist of any special features you want incorporated on your site or changes you want to make to the template's original design. After you book your spot, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and provided a google drive folder to share all your assets. Please be sure to provide all of these before your design day. You'll also be required to submit a Pinterest board with at least 20 inspiration images to inspire the look and feel of your site so I can be sure to nail your style.

What can be personalized with a template?

Logo, colors, fonts, images, content, alignment, formatting, placement...You name it! If you can dream it, it can usuallly be done in Wix. We will discuss all your priorities and wish list items for your site before we get started. If there's anything I don't think we'll be able to accomplish from your list, I will let you know before we start so that we can prioritize what's most important to you. Within reason, most personalizations and adjustments to the template should be workable within your scheduled booking day. If there are extenuating circumstances that make it difficult to complete something I've committed to completing for you on our scheduled day, I will complete it for you within our 7-day support period.

Do I need to know how to make changes?

Not at all! You don’t need to know a drop of code to be able to maintain your website on Wix. Wix's (no code) drag-and-drop builder lets you make changes easily. If you are familiar working in Canva or Illustrator using Wix's website editor should feel pretty intuitive for you. And, even if you don't have experience with design programs, you will be provided with personalized video instruction for updating or maintaining your website after our work together on your own!

Who is this for?

A personalized, template-based website is a great fit for many newer small business owners like: - consultants - coaches - content creators - virtual assistants - and more... If you have a service-based business, with a clear understanding of your offerings, Website in a Day is a great option for you. Here are some signs the Website in a Day isn't a fit for you: - You are a product-based business or need custom functionality or integrations on your website. - You want a 100% custom, one-of-a-kind design that is unique to you or your business. - You need someone to write your website copy or polish your service offerings

What if I need more than 5 pages?

Have a big vision for your site that requires more than 5 website pages? Need something more than a customized template? You can book additional time on my calendar in full or half-day increments. - **For a half-day, you can add an additional 1-2 pages to your site.** This is a perfect option if you want to build out a sales page, landing page or need additional services pages. (+$500) - **For a full-day, you can add up to 3-5 additional pages.** This is perfect if you want to create a robust website that has a full sales-experience or includes other speciality pages.  (+$1200)

What if I can’t get all my pre-work done?

We will book your day with enough time for you to get your work done. I do understand that ‘life happens’ and if you can't find time to get it done in time you can re-schedule your day once. ***If your pre-work is not completed by the date of the re-schedule you will lose your day (and your deposit).

Can we really finish in a day?

Yes, but, this style of working is dynamic and hiccups can happen. If we find that we have to course correct, for example you feel you don’t like the colors you decided on after all, we’ll have to look at our list of to-do's and re-prioritize as necessary. Throughout the project, I will ask you: ‘is this a must-have to launch?’ The kick-off call should help reduce these kinds of stumbling blocks. We will also go through all your desired features during the kick-off call and let you know if we can realistically get them done in a day. If you're wondering, what if we don’t finish? This shouldn’t happen, but if you like, you have the option of booking another day or half day to finish up what couldn’t be done in a day.

Does this include SEO?

I will make sure basic SEO settings are in place (site title, description, browser icons, etc.). However, SEO is a separate marketing undertaking that is beneficial after the site is launched.

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Need a website that looks professional, beautiful, matches your brand, and is ready in just one day?

Connect with me for tips & tricks about updating your website & more.
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Lost in White Space is a Washington based, woman-owned, small business. Supporting this business means supporting our growing family!